This is the first day of the rest of my life

my next chair

my next chair

Went to see Chiropractor this morning, trying to sort out my posture. I’ve been bent over a drawing board and computer for nearly 20years now and it is taking it’s toll. I was crippled in pain about 5 weeks ago but recovered quite quickly. I was told I wasn’t in too bad a nick which was quite a surprise. I need a new chair though but the one I need/want is £600 !!!

Spent most of the day at work redesigning medical centre, it’s getting there, should have it cracked by the weekend. Private Health Insurance Salesman ate up best part of an hour telling me his life story, he might get a sale, dunno yet, and survived on a couple of toasted bagels.

Picked up a pile of ironing(one extravagance I hang on to) and a trip to Silverburn before messin on internet for a bit later. I am by no means a fan of out of town shopping centres and they way they have become the norm for a family day trip although of the many I have visited, (don’t ask why), Silverburn is one of the better ones. There isn’t a Micky d’s, BK, Curnel in sight unlike Breahead and seems to target a different type(class?) of customer maybe due to it’s proximity to the mearns although it is equally close to less affluent areas (you know who you are). Notable exception shop wise is GAP altough this will probably change. Design wise, the centre has taken a lot of critisism. It very easy to slate these places for thousands of reasons and it is hard to look at positives, but, I think there has been a decent effort made by the architects which is probably partly why it has taken so much flac. I believe it is easier to design a themed shopping centre(vegas style for example) than actually attempt to do something modern. It is probably the planners that got wrong here rather than the architects!

Put one pound on in weigh in, probably deserved. Try to do better for next week.

As part of this I want to record what people think is good and bad about the built environment in Scotland. I will post things I observe and see if it can stimulate some debate.


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