Dummy Books

I get loads, and I mean loads, of garbage in the mail. If the environment needs saved, then stopping all this junk mail would go a long way. I would say 90% of my mail is crap, but one thing stood out as being particularly crap today, check this out http://www.falsebooks.co.uk
It offers fake antique book covers for an ‘authentic’ library feel. It even povides a spot the fake secton. I tell you what, I will spot the fake in a second when I try to read one!

This is representative of the much bigger desire of the masses wishing to replicate older style houses. The style becomes a veneer with no real substance behind it, just like the books. The intention(I presume) is to make the perpetrator look as though they are well read and intelligent, I would suggest investing in some genuine books, old or new, and trying to read them would go much further to achieving this desire!


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