out of europe again

On the verge of completing the first of three children’s houses we have been working on for over 3 years. It is taking shape nicely and due to be opened early next year. There are lots of wee details that are annoying me that probably no one else will notice unless really looking for them. It would have been great to kep a blog on the inception to completion of these projects and I should write something thorough on the designs and the process involved while it is all fresh. My hope right now is that they function as intended and the new inhabitants will enjoy the buildings we are creating.

New Childen's House, airdrie


In the current climate it is amazing that i currently have 4 decent prospects of medium sized residential development (although I am not counting chickens yet!) and I will keep a record here of how they go.

Lost out on a GIA award for our house extension in Lenzie. It was entered in projects under £250k and we were shortlisted along with Studio Kap. I was disappointed there was no award given as i think both projects are worthy of at least a commendation. That is 2 years in a row no award has been given for small projects which would suggest either 1. the right projects are not being submitted 2. the quality of small projects is poor 3. they couldn’t make their mind up 4. some other reason that I haven’t thought of.

Jarvie House, Lenzie

Jarvie House, Lenzie


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