London 1

Drove to London on Friday, wasn’t too bad, took about six hours, worst bit was finding my hotel once I got there! Stayed in the Holiday Inn at Kensington which is standard holiday inn, got a good deal on last minute. It is well positioned for the natural history and science museums and the V&A(as well as a short walk to Hyde Park and Harrods etc).

Went to see a play called August Osage County at the National Theatre. It’s a building I have always wanted to see and I have always tried to experience buildings while they are being used for the purpose they are designed rather than just to see the buildings. The play was pretty good, dysfunctional American mid-west family story but the overall experience was really good including food, drink and setting. The bloke Donavan from V was in the play!

Foyer of National Theatre

Foyer of National Theatre

I took this photo from one of the balconies overlooking the foyer. It is a great space, lots of stuff happening on different levels with views overlooking one another. The building is really well lit too showing off the amazing concrete timber shuttered finish. For a space so open with so many people and bars open to one another never seemed too noisy either with a really chilled overall atmosphere for such a large and ‘brutal’ building.

After taking this picture I was walking past an older lay who can be seen sitting at a table on the balcony when she shouted ove to me that she did not appreciate having her picture taken and that I should have asked her permission. I assured her that it was the building I was interested in and not her and that I could assure her she would not be appearing on the front page of HELLO. Never the less she was quite adamant that I should have asked her permission (and everyone else in the building) first and that this was ‘her’ local and she wanted her privacy respected. I was a bit taken aback and reminded her that it was actually the ‘National Theatre’ that she was in and that I had as much right to be there as anyone else. For information on taking photos in public places, I found the download on this site extremely helpful and backed up my understanding:


The building, opened in 1976 was designed by Sir Denys Lasdun and was amusingly described by The Prince of Wales “as a clever way of building a nuclear power station in the middle of London without anyone objecting”

National Theatre, London

National Theatre, London

I think it’s great!

Went to Guy Ritchie’s pub the Punch Bowl after but missed last orders 😦


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