Nick Cave

Checked out Portobello Road Market on Sunday Morning. Bit dreich so didn’t hang around long. Got a cool Hendrix T for nephew and a decent breakfast.

Headed to Tate to see the Rothko exhibition. I have been interested in Rothko for a while after hearing the story of the Seagram paintings while studying at Art School. I recommend Simon Schama’s ‘Power of Art’ episode on Rothko if you don’t know about the story behind these paintings, worthwhile if you do too. The exhibition is expensive at £12 but it is seldom you will get the chance to see as many Rothko’s together in a show like this and so well set out. The problem for me is that his paintings are atmospheric  and contemplative and the crowds distract from this immensely and it is not a condusive atmosphere to really appreciate the power of these peices. I could also hear the murmers and tuts as I got up close to study the paintings as I got in the way of those viewing fom the seated areas.

Nick Cave

Nick Cave

Headed to catch somethin to eat before the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds gig at the Troxy. Had seen him earlier this year at Connect as Grinderman which is where I took this pic. He is amazing live and has a real presence on stage.  After being tortured by the support band Tenebrous Liar(and I have a reputation for liking really miserable music!), anyone would have sounded good!

Cave did not dissapoint, my only mistake was going for a pee just as mercy seat started, one of my all time favorites (just realised 2 of my all time favorites are called mercy seat!).

Troxy was a decent venue but carpeting a venue holding gigs like this in Glasgow would be a BIG mistake and also, as is found in most of the recent conversion type venues, toilets are severely undercatered for, especially the girls i am reliably informed.

Sneeked a pic of VV from the Kills havin a fag after the gig

Stella and John outside the Troxy

Stella and John outside the Troxy

Visited the V&A and Westminster Abbey before Driving home on Monday, back to work Tuesday…………………………


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