This week has been predominately taken up with trying to complete Meadowside Children’s house and dealing with planners on 2 fairly large projects. Without going into specifics, one project has been deferred for a site visit, wasting even more time. On a project which was submitted in March and only being presented to committee in December is farcical. The development potential has probably lost £0.5m in the meantime and may actually be unfeasible now. On another project, the inability of the planning department to actually enter into a dialogue with us on the submission is disgraceful. Hiding behind legislation has beome part of the problem of the current crisis being faced in this country. Public bodies do not, no matter what they think,  work under the same financial constraints of private businesses. I am constantly under pressure to ensure that projects are delivered on time and to budget, otherwise its quite simple, I don’t get paid. The inability of some organisations to respond to letters, phone-calls, faxes or e-mails would be inexcusable in private enterprise and would probably constitute disciplinary procedures. Blaming pressures and procedures has become s standard answer, however, some authorities and departments seem to deal with the same problems quickly, efficiently and most importantly with some degree of co-operation and professionalism.

I have great admiration of anyone that manages to build anything of real quality in this country knowing the journey they will have to have gone through to actually get there.

I will cheer up for christmas hopefully!


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