January has been a difficult month for the majority of the construction industry. The government has promised a lot but I have me reservations on how increasing spending on NHS, schools and capital programmes will anyone who is not already established in these areas. I have filled in many tenders over the years but never get past the pre-qualification when it comes to certain types of building. Housing Association tenders always ask for experiance of social housing carried out over the past 3 years. The answer-none, immediately knocking us out of contention. The problem is always ‘how do you get experiance when no one will give you a project to start with?’. In my now 20years working in architecture I can hardly think of a building type I haven’t worked on and really would wish architects abilities were judged more on the quality of the buildings they produce and not the size of the practice, the number of or type of jobs they have done and their ability to tick boxes on how many meaningless policy documents their office holds.

No matter what the building type is, architects should (and most do) have the ability to tackle any brief presented to them.

Glenbank Road and Meadowside House submited for Scottish Design Awards this week, so fingers crossed.

Managed a trip to Culloden. Unfortunately the visitors centre (designed by Gareth Hoskins)was shut for the winter, however, the great weather conditions and the lack of tourists made it perfect to take some pics. Well worth a visit.

Cullden Visitors Centre

Cullden Visitors Centre

Trying to get a decent holiday this year has become a priority for sorting out in February!


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