August 2009

August, like July has continued to be hectic, Wellwynd Church Project is progressing on site and our new project in Glenboig is taking shape. The Glenboig ‘Life Centre’ is a community led project to create a centre within the village to provide facilities that have been needed to replace existing facilities outgrowing their use and provide for a population which has almost doubled in the past 5 years. The site is within the village park and overlooks a small loch.



The site was formerly Glenboig brickworks. Glenboig bricks were shipped throughout the UK and the rest of the world and where renowned for their quality. I have tried to draw on the industrial history of the site in the design of the building and propose a tower/sculpture made from reclaimed Glenboig brick as a lasting tribute to the industry that helped build the community . I have also used materials that I think will blend well with the park setting. A copper cladding that will darken and age well in its landscape creating forms that echo the former factories on the site.

Glenboig Brickworks, early 20C

Glenboig Brickworks, early 20C

A public consultation took place on 5th September which had a tremendous turnout and a positive response from everyone and I hope to have a planning application made in the next few weeks.

Our next Children’s House is due to be completed in the next few days. I have been resisting taking photos yet due to the constant miserable weather but I am sure I will posting some in my September post. We have now completed 4 new builds and a refurbishment for the NLC Social Work Department and have this month lodged a planning application for a complete remodelling and extension of another property in Coatbridge.

I have now used the newly introduced e-planning system a couple of times and although I have concerns over copyright due to our drawing now being freely downloadable and that the neighbour notification process isn’t quite as straightforward as it seems, on the whole I think it is a great leap forward. No longer will anyone have to go all the way to planning department to view drawings which the majority of people never got around to, they can just look them up and comment on line. I think it will promote more debate about design and has certainly let me see what else is going on from the comfort of my sofa!

Suffered Lars Von Trier’s ‘Anti-Christ’. It was really painfull to watch, some beautifully filmed scenes, however, I found it completely self indulgent. Tarantino’e Inglourious Basterds is a bit of a return to form, not to be taken seriously by any means, but enjoyable none the less.

Treated myself to a new HD tv and the new PS3 which doubles as a BluRay player. The difference from my former tv is unbelievable and think I am going to spend a lot more time watching films!

Severe lack of photography this month again mostly due to the depressing weather and being busy at work. Helped out on a wedding shoot in Dunkeld but don’t think I am cut out for that type of thing.

September plans include a lot more work, but got some gigs to look forward to including Pixies, Massive Attack and The Longcut. Maps has a new album out shortly too so expecting a tour soon.

Thinking of a long weekend trip soon and getting away somewhere hot at New Year.

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