jersey shores

It has been a few weeks now since my last post and the time seems to have passed really quickly. I have become used to my picc line and have now had 2 sessions of treatment at home using the portable pump. My last session was delayed a couple of days due to the neutrophil levels of my blood being to low. This was real borderline though and the level was back up again the next day to allow treatment to go ahead. Tiredness continues to be the main side effect and I still have problems with my right arm where my vein blew previously. I was given a course of antibiotics for this which didn’t seem to do too much and I am told this will just have to resolve itself. My track marks are improving and are a lot less noticeable now and my hair seems to be thinning a bit slower than previously. The date for my next scan is 18th August and really hoping for an improvement on things then.

I had my first proper break since falling ill a few weeks ago, spending a week on the island of jersey staying with my uncle John and aunt Celia. They have stayed there for a long time now and it is terrible it has taken me so long to visit. It was also an opportuniy to meet up with my old art school friend Russell who has now settled on the island and to take a nostalgic day trip to St Malo in France which I last visited on a school trip in what I think was 1982!

The island is surrounded in beaches and coves with watersports, especially surfing, being really popular. unfortunately, even if the weather was better, I wouldn’t be able to go in the sea due to my picc line. I love this little garrison house on St Ouen’s beach. Although it is known as the white house and looks like this in my pic, it is actually currently a pale green colour, painted by the national trust to raise ‘green’ awareness.

the white house, jersey

Currently being advertised on tv as ‘britain’s warmest place’, I was anticipating some sunshine after a disappointing summer so far and was encouraged as I few into jersey airport to beautiful sunshine and the view of many beaches and coves around the island. True to form though, this didn’t last long and the rain started the next day! Even when the weather isn’t great there is plenty to do and explore on what is actually quite a small island. Having been occupied during the war, there are plenty of remnants including an underground hospital and many gun emplacements and bunkers spread around the coast. I was keen to see some of these up close having been fascinated in them since a kid watching films like the guns of navarone and building lego bunkers.

german tower, les landes, jersey

Some bunkers on the island have been converted into holiday homes or seafood outlets. I prefer to see them in their raw state. Access has been restricted to abandoned installations by blocking up doors and openings, probably for health and safety reasons but some are open on certain days to the public. They are powerful, imposing and ingenious structures. Although having a dark past they are part of history and an important reminder of the conflict on the island.

Also worth a visit on the island is the durrell wildlife conservation trust where I enjoyed watching the orangutans make climbing look like the easiest thing on the planet and Gorey castle was a real highlight where i took part in some falconry. The castle has lots to see and has art installations throughout to discover including a huge sculpture depicting battle injuries!

sore yin

I spent a week in Brittany in primary 7, staying in a seaside town called St Cast. We traveled by bus to Southampton and got the overnight ferry to St Malo. I had never been out of the UK at the tie and it was hugely exciting, the highlight of the trip being a visit to Mont St Michel. My memory of France is of it being the hottest place I had ever been. School friends were getting sunstroke and sunburn and everyday was roasting. I still have some old photos but I am glad to say that my photography has improved slightly since then.


This time round St Malo seemed like the wettest place on earth. It hadn’t changed much being a protected historical area and is an impressive fortified walled city. It was enjoyable taking the time to walk around the walled city and watched the tourists going by while eating mussels, huge cakes and drinking wine. The shops seem to be very tourist orientated but there is a lot of great food to be found including some amazing confectionary.

st malo walled city

Unfortunately the holiday had to come to an end and true to form the sun came out the day we left!

Due to my treatment changing I had to cancel a trip to Donegal with my family and will hopefully plan something else with them soon. I have been to the house they are going to stay in which belongs to a family friend. It is near some amazing beaches and a good pub and I had been really looking forward to the trip.

Today, I am waiting on the district nurse coming to change the dresiing on my picc line which needs done every 7 days before heading to a wedding at the lodge on the loch on Loch Lomond. It is a while since I tried my kilt on and was surprised to see it still fits although I have had to draw the buckles in a bit! It will be great to get dressed up and I am looking forward to the day.

Planning to head round to Campbeltown on Friday but predictably the weather isn’t looking too promising again.


5 Responses to “jersey shores”

  1. August 4, 2011 at 9:23 am

    enjoy the wedding, hope the kilt is water resistant………………..

  2. 2 martin
    August 4, 2011 at 10:52 am

    good to hear you again …….I pray all goes well for you on the 18th , speak soon

  3. August 4, 2011 at 11:23 am

    Love the photo of you at the macaroon case!

  4. 4 Moya & Dom
    August 7, 2011 at 11:34 am

    Am with you at the counter of macaroons!!!!!

  5. 5 Michele Carver
    August 13, 2011 at 12:21 am

    Nice post. Loved the pictures. Did you buy any of those chocolates? Yummy!! How was the wedding.
    Keep well. Love Michele xxx

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