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It’s been a few weeks since my last post partly due to my computer being in the i-store getting fixed and partly due to making up for spending so long lying on my backside. It has now been confirmed I am definitely starting my chemo therapy on the 28th of April and will spend my 40th birthday in hospital. It’s kind of ironic in that when I fell ill back in January that I thought I had plenty of time to sort it out before my birthday! The treatment will involve 2 days every fortnight as an inpatient at the beatson and looks like being a thursday-friday. Hopefully this will work out that any aftereffects can be dealt with over the weekend after and I can make the most of the weekends inbetween.

I was at Rosshall today getting an echocariogram and a ct scan as baselines for my treatment courtesy of the drug company. The first difference you notice entering rosshall is the lack of folk hanging about smoking outside and the carpeted foyer! It was interesting to watch my heart on the computer screen and everything was reported as ok. When I was seeing my oncologist consultant she told me not to worry if the CT scan showed my tumour getting bigger, I said I wouldn’t know as I hadn’t seen it. She offered to show my previous scan but i couldn’t bring myself to look. I don’t know what it is, but I really don’t want to see it right know. Maybe after my first six weeks and my next scan I may have changed my mind but I don’t know if I can face seeing it right now. I feel so much better now it is easy for my to think there is nothing wrong and if I see it I will just visualise it in there all the time, growing inside me. For anyone interested in the technical side of things there is more detail on here.

The weekend after my trip to Gleneagles, Julie and I took a drive to Campbeltown to visit her gran. It is a long drive there but I am comfortable driving now and actually feel it is quite therapeutic when not in the city. We were lucky with the weather (and a small win on the national) and I particularly enjoyed spending some time on the beach near the new Dunes golf course. There are miles of unspoiled sandy beach there with almost no-one else for miles around. I braved a paddle in the ice cold water but as some of you know, it would usually not have taken much for me to have dived straight in. It may seem silly, but something as simple as standing in the water, looking out at the sea and feeling the waves against my cold peely wally legs was one of things I thought about when i was lying in hospital and one of those moments that you want to go on.


Thanks to one of my friends, I was invited along to see Peter Kay’s sold out show in Glasgow on Monday night. I love comedy and phoenix nights and jumped at the chance. I was a bit disappointed though but i really seemed to be in the minority as the crowd where going wild to him playing air guitar on a shovel for half an hour as his finale. I couldn’t help thinking if someone tried that on Britain’s got Talent they would be booed of in seconds. I don’t think I like the idea of arena comedy either, it is just to big and not intimate enough, you really would be aswell watching at home as many will once the dvd comes out in time for christmas. In contrast, I watched, American: The Bill Hick’s Story the next night. I don’t think 2 comedians could be further apart. For anyone who doesn’t know Bill Hicks, Denis Leary was maybe bigger here in the UK for a while due to his MTV and film appearances. Leary has been accused of ‘borrowing’ much of his material from Bill Hicks. I was a bit apprehensive watching the documentary as I knew that he died of cancer at the age of 32 in 1994. It was really heartwarming hearing his friends and family talk about finding out he had cancer and how they felt about it and dealt with it. It was also scary seeing how it seemed that he tried to deal with his condition by himself and really immersed himself in his work, in fact, producing what most people consider his best work.

I have now successfully put on over a stone since leaving hospital and I am back to trying to eat healthier although I did have rather good fish and chips for my dinner and a mountain of chocolate eggs to go through! I have also started posting photos on my flickr page again including this one of Gigha on the trip to Campbeltown.


I put together my own photo site last year,, but i haven’t done that much with it this year. I have printed and framed a good few with the intention of trying to sell some but really haven’t made enough of an effort yet although I have had some interest.

Holiday weekend is now here, i am feeling great and i have no more consultations or hospital visits until Tuesday. I will be back to work next week before my treatment to finish a couple of tenders we are doing (fingers crossed) and my next blog will more than likely be put together in the beatson next week.

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